9 Proven Reasons to Harness Video Marketing

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That magical moment when a company or new product set out on the waves of the market ocean, can easily become a question of “will it float or will it sink”. So how can a brand survive the sea of competition and sail to success? Well, that’s easy – it harnesses the power of video marketing.

Find out the 9 proven benefits of a winning product or promotional video, that will allow you to harness the power of a strong, clear & high quality visual message.

The Power of Video Marketing

Let me tell you about Brian.

Brian had invented an amazing cutting-edge product – a garden chair that stays dry in the rain & stays cool in a hot sunny day. He set up a small company with the name “Chair-Tech” which set out to produce a range of chair designs in different stylish colors, all with the unique technology invented by Brian. He set up a high quality website with detailed information about the product and how it works, he added high resolution images and even set up a great customer service for his future clients. Even his prices were great.

A few months later, the manufacturing machines at the factory floor of Chair-Tech fell silent. Even though the product was truly ground breaking and Brian did everything right, his potential clients had not been exposed to his product, and those who had failed to understand the benefits & unique features of this over priced garden chair.

So what did Brian miss?

A brand or product’s success depends on a number of things, but the key is brand exposure to potential clients with an emphasis on the unique attributes of the product. Brian missed the first rule of marketing: “There’s no second chance for a first impression.” In a highly competitive market you must deliver a quick, clear & visually appealing message to the client to get him really interested and engaged.

9 Winning Advantages

Let’s try and understand what Brian missed out on, and why is it crucial to invest specifically in video marketing?

9 Proven Reasons to Harness Video Marketing1. Videos are shared around social media platforms 12 times more than regular content. In other words – using a video as part of your marketing strategy can increase sharing and exposure to your product 12 time more on average over simply using images and text. This is a massive advantage.

2. Companies who use videos in their marketing strategy receive on average 41% more traffic to their website.

3. Placing a promotional video on a landing page leads to 80% more conversions.

4. 52% of marketers state that video is the marketing tool with the best ROI (return on investment).

5. Companies that utilize video in their marketing strategy on average grow 49% faster then competing companies.

6. A video increases organic traffic by 159%.

7. 40% of consumers state that a video would increase the chance they would purchase the product.

8. 4 times more customers would rather view a video about a product than read about it.

9. embedding videos on the company’s website increases the average time users spend on the site by 2 minutes, which has a massive positive effect on the site’s organic rating.

When you consider that 55% of people watch videos at least once a day and 80% watch a video at least once a week, it’s very clear that video marketing can’t be ignored. Your potential clients are hanging out in social network platforms, watching videos & sharing – that’s exactly where you have to be.

Let’s get back to Brian.

If Brian would have read this post, he would surely understand where he went wrong. Most of his competitors in the garden furniture market have probably embraced video marketing, but Brian didn’t realize the need. By using a number of quality promotional and product videos, embedded on his site and shared around the web, Brian would have reached his customers with his revolutionary garden chair.

These videos would have an added effect of unceasing his organic search engine rating, social network presence and would have positioned him at the top of search engine results – and in a very competitive place in the market.

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