VR production

VR production

Three Reasons Why Virtual Reality Will Be Important in 2021

VR production and virtual reality, or VR, has had a bit of a bumpy start when it comes to full commercial implementation. Traditionally VR has been seen as a bit of a gimmick, and even just something for gamers with too much money to spend, but as 2020s bumpy ride continues, could we be seeing a real explosion in VR for more commercial purposes, and if so, how?

The Case for VR production

If you were to travel back to January 2020 and ask the average business manager how they planned to implement virtual reality, or virtual anything for that fact, into their business, many would have scoffed or mumbled something about the occasional use of Zoom.

Fast forward ten months and the birth of virtual in many businesses is well underway, and many companies are looking for more ways to implement virtual reality production into their working lives as well as VR production in their marketing efforts.

Here we look at three reasons why VR production will be even bigger in 2021 and beyond, and why many forward-thinking companies are adopting this exciting technology.

VR production – You Can’t Beat Reality

Whether it’s a virtual trip to the top of Everest, or a 3D virtual walk through a new training situation, being actually immersed in a situation is so much more engaging.

Short of physically being able to touch the things in front (and behind, and to the side) of the person wearing the VR sets, using virtual reality is a great way to allow people to get a feel for a situation or a place from a safe distance, no matter how the world looks on the ‘outside.’

Hands-On Learning

One of the most intriguing places VR is being implemented is in virtual learning spaces for students in schools. With many schools facing tough budget requirements, as well as the ever-present threat of COVID-19 still looming, expensive field trips are being limited, and this leaves a very cool VR production shaped hole in learning.

Imagine putting on a VR production headset and running through a WW2 dogfight scenario as part of history class, going down the hall to Geography class, and hiking the Himalayas with your teacher, before heading to Chemistry class to watch a dangerous experiment unfold before your very eyes.

This is the power of VR on immersive learning.

A Safer Way to Experience Life

Looking forward to 2021, we still don’t know what the state of the world will be, and how many countries will be open for visitors, or even how many states will. It’s highly likely that some form of restrictions will continue for a long time to come yet, and let’s face it most of us are sick of meetings via Zoom, so why not VR production?

Exploring vr development options for companies, and even families will be big business as we head further along the line, as a safer way to meet and be connected with our colleagues and loved ones, no matter where they are.

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